Drug Testing In Schools – Good or Bad

The drug testing is often a controversial issue. There are many number of court cases involved in drug testing. But the usage of drugs among teens and children seems to have increased these days. So, no matter whatever the controversy is, drug testing in schools have to be conducted.

However there are two sides over the issue of drug testing in schools. Firstly I will list out the benefits of drug testing in schools.

  • We can deter from health related issues by providing proper counseling to the kid of he has failed the test.
  • In cases of competitions, usage of drugs is taking place to increase the performance. This can be detected out using proper methods of drug testing.
  • Drug testing may be used to identify and refer for appropriate help to those individuals who may be having problems with the use of drugs.

However there are some drawbacks related to drug testing in schools

  • There are many possibilities of drug testing making people feel guilty until they are proved to be innocent.
  • Schools rarely test for all drugs including tobacco and alcohol (the most commonly used drugs by adolescents). Focusing only on illicit drugs may give the message that these are the only drugs that concern the school.
  • The cost is also a draw back in conducting drug testing in schools.

But the benefits of drug testing seem to be more effective than the drawbacks.

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