Top TV makers retain market lead as consumers embrace LCD sets

The face of television technology is changing, but analysts say that the traditionally market foremost companies are staying on top by fulfilling consumers increasingly difficult tastes for new technologies that enable better screen quality and larger sized displays. One of the researches said shows “The most significant television market development during the coming years will be the loss of dominance by cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions globally,” and 2009, these televisions will account for only 38 percent of unit shipments, down from 47 percent in 2008 and 56 percent in 2007.” Because the consumers believe that pictures quality is the main attribute they look for when buying a new television.

This switch to new and more sophisticated technologies has not yet shaken up the industry’s major players, as the leading TV making companies have retained their edge by offering the latest in CRT alternatives, the firm said. Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. held onto its lead in the global television market in Q2 thanks to its strength in LCD-TV shipments. In this market Samsung occupies 12.4 percent, LG electronics has 11.4 percent then Philips, Sanyo and TCL has 7.1, 6.3 and 5.6 percent market respectively. However these companies should not get too comfortable in resting on their laurels in the TV market. In its report, the firm said that “premium brands are feeling a squeeze thanks to a blossoming of low-cost value brands that are presenting a challenge to all television manufacturers.” Looking ahead, the overall television market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 4 percent between 2007 and 2011 for unit shipments, and 5 percent for revenue. The survey forecast overall global television shipments will grow to 245.5 million units by 2011, up from 207.5 million units in 2007 and up from 190.9 million units in 2006.

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