Models Of Stress management

The stress management contains the technology to care for to equip the person take the mechanism which effective deals with as to deal with the pressure, is defined with the stress took to triggers person’s physiological reaction which or external stimulates with the fight either the flight response interior. The stress management is effective when the person deals with using the strategy with or the revision intense situation.

Transactional model: In 1984 Richard Lazarus and Susan Folkman was suggested the stress because possibly is taken one kind of “non-equilibrium state between the request and the resources” or likely occurs when the “pressure surpasses some person the ability which realized to deal with”. The stress management has been developed and has been done the premise in the idea, the stress is not to sends the pressure usually but is rather a some person’s resources direct response and the ability deals with the middle stress to respond and is complies with to changes, so permits the stress is may control..

In order to develop an effective stress management program it first is necessary identifies to the person is central controls his/her stress factor, and identifies effectively aims at these factors the intervention method. Stress Lazarus and the Folkman explanation concentrate to the transaction (is famous between the person and their external environment by transaction in model). How the model generalization stresses because does send the pressure element to estimate and how the person to estimate his/her resources to deal with sends the pressure element. The model breaks sends the pressure element attention link by the proposition if sends the pressure element likely frontage or the challenge is realized but is not the threat, and if is paid great attention to perhaps the person is he or she which believes firmly fully has the strategy which but is not deficiently deals with, the stress not necessarily follows latent sends the pressure element the appearance. The model proposed that, their perception which the stress is possibly helped which to be paid great attention to the person changes sends the pressure element, provides them to the strategy to help them to deal with reduces them with the improvement to do to their ability confidence so.

Health realization/innate health model: The stress health realization/innate healthy model and establishes in the stress not necessarily follows latent sends the pressure element the appearance idea. But is not concentrates so-called to sends the pressure element individual the appraisal the skill which deals with about they (to be similar to in transaction model), the health knew the model concentrates to the idea essence, expounded, this finally is person’s determination to the latent intense external situation response idea process. This model, the stress cause through is unreliable to the estimate and some person’s situation and the negative spirit filter, but the welfare feeling cause to approaches the world by the “peaceful brains,” the “intrinsic wisdom,” and “general knowledge”. This model proposed that, helps the individual which pays great attention to understand the idea the essence — specially is provides them to the ability to approve them is not safely believed in the clip, unties from it, with passes over naturally directly felt will reduce their stress.

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