Benefits of Physical exercise

The physical exercise is importantly for the maintenance sports healthy body, possibly to maintains directly contributes the healthy weight; Builds and the maintenance healthy bone density, the muscle strength, with union fluidity; Promotion physiology welfare; Reduced surgical department risk; And strengthens the immunity system. Frequent and the rule had the oxygen to exercise had been demonstrated to helped to prevent or treatment serious and threat life chronic condition for example hypertension, obesity, heart disease, 2 diabetes, lost sleep, with was depressed. The strength training will have a liking for has persists the about for 24 hours in the training later continual energy burning function, although they will not provide have the same cardiovascular advantage which the oxygen will exercise. Exercises possible to increase the energy and raises some person’s threshold is the pain.


Has the contradiction the evidence as for whether the vigorous exercise (surpasses 70% VO2 biggest) (40 to 70% or disadvantageous VO2 is bigger than moderate exercise). Some research expressions, the vigorous exercise possibly effectively increases the opioid peptide by the healthy individual execution (aka endorphins, is responsible together with other nerve transmission bodies to which exercises causes happy feeling and certificate is sends addiction) the spontaneous generation opium preparation, directly affects the hormone production are not defers to fully realizes by the moderate exercise advantage.

The exercise is demonstrated the improvement cognition synapse nerve the plasticity and neurogenesis the function through the sea monster dependence space academic society’s improvement, with improvement. Moreover, the sports proof is neuroprotective in many neurodegenerative and the neuromuscular disease. For example, it reduces the development senile dementia risk. The sports were considered has other advantageous functions and the cognition related when it increases the nerve growth factor the level, supports the certain quantity nerve cell the cell survival and the growth. Has the oxygen and certainly the oxygen exercise and the operation increases the heart the mechanical efficiency (to have oxygen by the increase heart disease capacity to exercise), or cardiac muscle thickness.

Is not everybody is equally beneficial from the exercise to. Has alone was responding on the huge change to trains: There most people looked from has the oxygen exercise in the endurance moderate increase, some individuals hope the pair of their oxygen gas lift as far as possible, when other people never will assume a post an advantage fundamentally from the exercise. Similarly, the only person minority demonstrated the significant muscle grows in after the long time weight training, when the bigger score experience improves in the strength. In the improvement this gene change from the training is essential physiological difference middle in the essence athlete and between more populations. The research indicated that, will exercise lead later in the middle age to improve the physical ability in the life.

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