Hygienic Food For Kids

Most of the mothers prepare the food as they like and wanted to do but very few prepares the hygienic food for their kids. Here are some easy ways to get your kids the nutrients they need, without the fight!

  • Make some macaroni and cheese
  • Mince some nuts
  • Mix the minced nuts into the macaroni and cheese
  • Give it to your kids and tell them there is a secret ingredient OR
  • Give it to your kids and tell them there are some crunchy munchies and they make it even better
  • 2 Make some chicken
  • Mince some nuts
  • Mix the nuts into ranch
  • The kids won’t notice because of the chicken!!
  • 3 Take a Popsicle of the stick
  • Put it in a microwavable bowl
  • Put it in for 10 seconds on low until it will be easy to mash
  • Mince some nuts
  • Mix it into the Popsicle
  • Tell the kids that the people who made it forgot to take out the seeds
  • To make a little bit better for you, get organic chicken and light ranch.
  • You don’t haft to use nut, you can use carrots, broccoli, or anything you want.
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