Apple’s iphone – Well Received by Low Incomers

While markets tremble with the decreased consumer spending trends, Apple iPhone is enjoying the latch of low-income consumers.

The sales of this iPhone seemed to be higher among low-income consumers, according to a survey by Comscore. The new Apple iPhone is not so cheap, that people are flocking towards buying it even in recession times. Really people are not that flocking to buy an iPhone, but the sales trend depicts some increase in stores. And people have to spend more than $199 to buy one.

Apple has conducted really a dazzling publicity campaign, and this bears ripen fruits though not bigger in size. It is also successful in pushing its rivals backwards in the competition.

Released in July this year, iPhone’s popularity doesn’t seem to decrease a lot yet.

New iPhone 3G has cool features like quality music system, good internet access environment, e-mail and instant messaging platform, and camera is a common tool in mobiles these days however.

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