Impact of Marijuana on Teens

Teenage is a significant period in one’s life. During these years bodily and physical changes occur. Marijuana use in teen affects severely. It causes irreversible damages. Let us discuss its impact on this age group.

Statistically speaking, since 2006, use of marijuana has increased among adolescents in 10th and 12th graders. Some teenagers smoke directly, some mix it with tea or some other food. While others smoke “blunts” where cigars hollowed out and filled with marijuana. Each teenager tends to think, “Everybody is doing it, why not me?” and they start themselves.

Many teenagers are influenced by marijuana as it gives some high. The fact is that it stays for a short time. There are so many long-term health related problems with marijuana. Large doses of marijuana can affect hormones in both males and females.

Marijuana can have adverse effect on sperm production in men. Regular use of marijuana can disrupt the normal monthly menstrual cycle and inhibit the discharge of ovum from the ovaries among women.

Marijuana causes drop-outs from schools or colleges and leads to reports of poor mental as well as physical health.

Marijuana alters the mind and affects the brain. It has effect on IQ levels, memory, concentration, alertness, attention, anxiety which makes the teenagers to lag behind their academics which plays a vital role in their lifestyle. And they can’t develop as a good individual socially or economically.

Teenagers who smoke marijuana get addicted to it and cannot give up, even if they really want to do so. They will face so many health issues even if they quit after a long time. Arrests, court hearings, criminal records make the teenagers to spoil their social life. They cannot sleep properly and they cannot do their job properly in their academics. They will be struggling but cannot achieve the success due to their lack of concentration.

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