How Drugs Help Athletes?

We all know that many athletes use drugs in competitions and end up their career in disaster after proving positive in athlete drug testing. I still don’t get the point how those athletes dare to use drugs to enhance their performance, even though they knew that there will be drug testing conducted in competitions. Perhaps the lack of confidence or lack of practice and extensive pressure to win makes them unavoidable in taking those performance enhancing drugs.

Using drugs in sports is generally termed as doping. If an athlete of international competitions is not caught in doping, he becomes an overnight star with lots of fame and money besides winning the competition. But the possibilities of escaping the doping tests are very small. Athletes may have several reasons for using performance-enhancing drugs like building mass and strength of muscles and/or bones, increasing the amount of oxygen in tissues, to mask their injury pain with drugs, etc. Athletes may also misuse drugs to relax, cope with stress or boost their own confidence.

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