Drug Testers – An Issue For Olympic Athletes

The new Olympic rule of drug testing has become a burden to all the Olympic level players. This left them with no good option, other than protest against it.

The International Olympic Committee had brought a new anti doping rule into existence. According to it, all athletes can be subjected to drug tests any time and any place. Apart from that, they have to schedule their availability, along with the details of hour and place, three months in advance so that drug testers can find them.

Imagine a poor Olympic-level guy, sitting in a restaurant along with his date. Suddenly, you see some people entering into the restaurant and dragging him out of the place in order to conduct drug tests for him. How good do you think it will be?

It is a nuisance for the privacy of those people.

I don’t get the actual idea behind it. Are you testing Olympic athletes for drug abuse or scaring them away from participating into the Olympics?

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