History Of Arts and Crafts movement

The red legislative body, Bexleyheath, London (1,859), by architect Philip Webb is Morris, is works model this movement in its early time. Has the intentionally attempt in the expression ordinary material surface texture, for example the stone and the tile, to are asymmetrical and the classically elegant building constitution. Morris has later established the Kelmscott news and has him to design and to sell the product for example wallpaper, the textile, the furniture, and so on the store. The Morris own idea from thought emerged that to inform Pre-Raphaelitism, specially following Ruskin book publication Venice stone and finally, two sought with its architecture and the design quality relations country morals and the social health. For Ruskin, a healthy society depends upon skilled and the creative worker. Morris and other socialism designer for example hoist cranes and Ashbee will hope free craftspeople the future society. The esthetic movement, emerges in the same period, instills into these ideas. 1,881 family’s art and the industrial association hypothesis and Mary Fraser Tytler (the newest Mary watt) and other people cooperate by Eglantyne Louisa the Jebb promotes and protects the countryside handicraft. A group reformist architect, the Arthur Mackmurdo follower, later will establish the artistic worker association to promote the integrated their vision which the design and will do. The hoist crane is elected has taken it president.

In US in 19th century 90’s later periods, a group Boston’s most influential architect, the designer, with the educationalist, was determined brings designs the reform for US to start in Britain by William Morris, meets the organization present age craft the exhibition opposition. The conference was held for the first time in January 4, 1897, (MFA) organized the contemporary craft in the artistic museum the exhibition. When the artisan, the consumer, displayed the application art with the manufacturer to be esthetic and the technical potential, the design reform process started in Boston. The gift in this conference is Charles Loring, President MFA trustee’s general; William Sturgis Bigelow and Denman Ross, collector, writer and MFA trustee; Ross Turner, painter; The Sylvester baxter, the artistic critic is the Boston transcript; Howard Baker, A.W. Longfellow Jr.; And Ralph Clipson Sturgis, architect.

The first American art and the craft exhibition has opened in April 5, 1897, in Copley Hall thought the characteristic 1,000 objects do by 160 artisans, one half is the woman. Some supporters for the display are Langford Warren, the architecture Harvard’s school founder; Richard Morris Hunt Madame; Arthur Astor Carey and Edwin Mead, social reformers; and Will Bradley, graphic designer. This exhibition huge success has caused artistic and the craft society’s incorporation, in June 28, 1897, developed and encourages a higher standard by an order to “in the handicraft. The “21 founders is to is interested compared to the sale, with concentrates relates to the designer in the business circle, encourages the artist to cause the work by the craftsmanship highest quality and the design.

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