Leaders should lead

Leaders can lead…..
Leaders should lead…..

The above sentences really look good when they used as phrases. But no body focuses on how leaders can lead? How they should lead?

There are few activities that the leaders have to follow to become great leaders. One of my friends always says that the person who wants to be a leader should possess some things like being good to the team. How they think about and how they apply to the way to lead the team etc.

I feel that great leaders should be credible and must know what their people are working on and acknowledge them in to right direction. Acknowledge the team’s challenges; understand the barriers and obstacles faced by the team.

Leaders should always focus on knowing the people they need to get the job done and make an effort to watch for marginal improvements. A moment of simplicity and clarity can lead to realizations about the “obvious” opportunities and risks that you overlook out of habit.

Updated: February 18, 2010 — 6:16 am
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