Teenage Depression Signs And Symptoms

Depression in teenager is often difficult to determine as teenagers with depression don’t display the same symptoms as adults with depression. Sometime this depression may cause the self harm and even suicide so make sure you know the signs of teenage depression before it are too late. Some studies show that 500,000 teens attempt suicide each year, and 5000 are successful. Here are some signs and symptoms of depression teen. A clinical diagnosis of depression may describe the following behaviors.

  • Feelings of not be understood by parents or teachers
  • rising antisocial behavior
  • Wanting to leave home
  • Becoming negative and feeling ‘picked on’ or disapproved of
  • Withdrawal from family and other social activities
  • Aggression
  • Spends more time in own company
  • Lack of attention to personal grooming
  • In common, teenage girls with depression may become anxious with this of a morbid nature, while teenage boys will act up, becoming aggressive at school or at home, and perhaps getting into trouble with the police.

So take care of your teen’s depression and give the proper treatment before they go for suicide. Here are some recommendations to prevent teen’s depression.

  • Get a medical evaluation. Symptoms of depression can be the result of a large assortment of illnesses, including thyroid problems, viral infections, and other factors.
  • Deprex is an amino acid and homeopathic medicine for the treatment of depression that we have seen work well with our patients. It may be worth trying as long as the situation is “steady” and there is no suicidal thinking on the part of the depressed person.
  • Medications such as Prozac can be extremely helpful for more complicated cases. Consult your doctor. These medications are often prescribed by Family Practice Doctors, but in most cases have to to be monitored by Psychiatrists.
  • Increase intake of Protein somewhat. Use a protein powder supplement, just like a weight lifter.
  • Exercise daily. Just get out and walk for about 15 minutes.
  • Seek out counseling from someone who is good at treating depression. This can do a world of good for you. However, always use huge wisdom and common sense when choosing a therapist. Some are good, and some are not, so choose wisely.
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