Tips for buying new car

Before going to dealers, for buying new car, first you should determine what type of car is essential i.e., do you need a subcompact, a compact, a sedan, a two-door or a sport utility vehicle (SUV)? To decide, study various vehicle “families” from automobile magazines and compare the models. Compare the mileage and efficiency ratings for the various cars. Go through the customer reviews. Depending on how frequently, you use car and for what purpose you are using car, the type of car need to be decided.

To drive to and from workplace, which is 10-20 miles away, you need not require a SUV or an ultra-fancy luxury car. Before buying car, you also need to consider horsepower and weight of car. Apart from these, you should also consider average mileage estimate for city driving and highway driving. Figure out and be sure that the car has features and options that you are looking for. Watch for the interiors and exteriors that are pleasant and attractive. When taking test drive, check for ride comfort, noise, power/acceleration, braking, and handling. Before taking car home, check the car thoroughly. Prefer for the lowest interest car loan. Ask the dealer about, increase of warranty period or service contract. Automobile insurance is necessary, Analyze insurance policies from various insurance companies to make the right choice. You should also consider comfortability, safety and what percent of parts of car are recycled, when it is dispose after use.

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