Advantages Of Climate Controlled Storage

Self-storage units have become very famous in recent years because many people discovered need for more storage space apart from space provided in homes and garages. The definition of climate controlled conditions very from different storage unit companies. In general, climate controlled storage units should not decrease below freezing in the winter or rise above 90°F (32°C) in the summer.

One great advantage of climate controlled storage is protection from the elements like rain and snow which cannot percolate the roof, and they are generally built above flood level. Many climate controlled storage units are located inside building, which makes it inaccessible to the general public. Outside dirt and dust are less likely to be move indoors, which is advantageous for fragile or delicate antiques and sensitive musical instruments.

Another major advantage of climate controlled storage units is atmospheric adjustment as items stored in these units do not experience extremes in air temperatures or humidity. This helps many wood-based furniture pieces, musical instruments and antiques from cracking or splitting due to freezing and melting.

As climate controlled storage units are placed indoors, there is less chance of outside insects and pests to penetrate inside.

Renting a climate controlled storage unit can be very useful if you plan on storing your most valuable and prized possessions for the next generation.

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