Benefits Of Physical Exercise

Physical activity is described as any action that dissipates energy. Exercise is a part of physical activity, which is structured and planned. Physical activity and exercise need energy, apart from spending energy. It also helps in providing increased energy throughout the entire day. Physical fitness is very much related to the strength to perform physical activities like household job, work, sports and dance in energetic and safe means.

According to the data of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), doing exercise regularly helps to regulate weight, increase resistance, increase strength and flexibility, increase bone mass, and improve confidence, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Limited activity can increase good cholesterol, help the circulatory system, and reduces blood pressure and blood fats which helps in reducing dangers of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

Doing physical exercises regularly helps for the improvement of immune system. In turn a healthy immune system helps in fighting colds, cancer, and other diseases, and boosts recovery from all kinds of injuries. It also helps to sleep better and to renew energy.

Types of exercises:

Exercises are usually classified into three types based on the complete effect they have on the human body. They are

  • Flexibility exercises like stretching helps in improving motion of muscles and joints.
  • Aerobic exercises like walking, rowing, running, cycling, swimming, hiking or playing tennis, helps in increasing cardiovascular resistance.
  • Anaerobic exercises like weight training and functional training increases temporary muscle strength.

The physical and emotional benefits of exercise are stronger immune system, increased oxygen flow in brain and body, and a less stressed body. Physical exercise helps not only in appearance or weight loss but also helps in strengthening mind and in improving family relationships.

Few emotional benefits of doing physical exercise:

  • People who do exercise regularly are more optimistic and happy than those who lead lazy lifestyles.
  • Frustrations, disappointments, anger, and negative energy can be expressed in a positive way. There will be more energy to improve relationships with family and friends.
  • It helps in improving memory, and to think more instantly which will help when age grows.
  • It helps in gaining self-confidence, which has positive affect in professional, personal, and social lives.
  • If parents do exercise, then they become positive role model for their children and even they practice as they find their parents healthy and fit.
  • Mind becomes composed and feels less tensed in traffic, at work, and at home.

In a survey, when people are asked for the reason they do exercise they said for fun and enjoyment, to prevent health problems, to reduce stress and tension, to relax, to be resistant from current medical problems. Too much exercise is harmful. So, do some physical exercise regularly for a particular period to keep body and mind healthy.

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