‘Past Performance Predicts The Future Performance’ In Interviews

The past performance of candidates will predict the future in the interviewing process. By knowing the past performance of a candidate, the interviewer can assess the future behavior of the candidate in different situations.

In the interviewing process, the interviewer should check the person’s past performance by focusing on candidate past experience, behavior, attitude, and capacities in different situations. By asking different type of questions the interviewer can assess the candidate past performance. When evaluating the answers, interviewer should look at the correct answers as well as candidate’s attitude expressed by the answers. By asking such type of questions, interviewer should know how the person can handle different situations in the future. And the interviewer could assess the candidate’s performance in similar situations in the past.

Asking those behaviors based questions with examples, interviewer can easily identify that the candidate is giving fake answers or right answers. Knowing about the past performance in different situations, the interviewer can easily assess the candidate behavior in future, how the person will reacts, if the same situation happens in the future. In the hiring process behavioral interviewing technique plays major role in assessing the candidate past performance.

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