Tips And Precautions For Practicing Yoga

If yoga is not practiced with care and correct procedures and methods, it will have adverse effects on health. Here are few tips and precautions need to be considered when practicing yoga.

  • The best suitable time for practicing yoga is during morning and before eating breakfast. Because in morning time, the mind will be fresh, calm and the yogic exercises can be easily done.
  • Before doing yoga exercises, bladder, and bowels should be emptied, then mucous from throat and nostrils should be cleaned and after this glass of water should be taken. Yoga exercises should be done after a gap of 15 minutes after doing all these procedures.
  • A balanced diet is suggested for yoga trainers and also there should be a break or gap of 4 hours between each meal that is taken.
  • For doing yoga, clothing should be loose, since more surface area of body should be exposed to air. Firm-fitting Lycra or cotton shirts and pants are good choice.
  • Start yoga with postures that are easy and later should be continued to difficult ones. Compulsorily graded steps of yoga should be followed.
  • When doing yoga deep and long breath should be taken and only nose should be used for inhaling and exhaling, mouth should not be opened.
  • Yoga exercises should be done only on blanket or a mat, which is spread on ground. It should not be performed on bare ground at any cost.
  • Yoga should be done in a clean, well lit and well ventilated place or room where there will be no smoke.
  • Yoga exercises must be concluded by massaging arms, legs and the entire body
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