Types Of Landscape Stones

Landscape stone is a type of ornamental component that is used to magnify the overall look and feel of decorative lawn designs around any home and business. The following are some examples of stones that can be used for ornamental design:

    • fairy housesRetaining Walls – There are number of different types of stones that are used when building retaining walls in the lawn. The retaining wall can be constructed around a small pond, or even a garden. Stones like Chilton, Lannon, Fond du Lac, Waukesha, Kodiak, and Bay De Noc are suitable.
    • Flagstone – Flagstone is a very much-preferred choice of stones that are mainly used for steps, or simple ornamental design.
    • Boulders – Many times, homeowners select boulders to perform decorative design of landscaping. Products, which are under boulders, include Birchwood, Wisconsin, Granite, and even Honeycomb Western stone.
  • Marble – Generally many individuals select marble for decorating their landscape. They are used to create signs in and around garden ponds, and marble fountains are used to bring out the natural beauty of a pond or garden area.
  • Natural Stone – Natural stone is usually a choice for small landscaping structures. This is  sometimes considered the most inexpensive stone regarding shopping and improving the home on a budget.

These stones comes in different colors, textures, and shapes. Other ideas that can use landscape stones are Gardens, Sidewalks, Outdoor Living Areas, Recreational Areas, Trails, Outdoor Cooking Areas, and Ponds. Depending on architecture, the size, color, and type of stone should be selected.

Updated: June 3, 2016 — 5:55 am

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  1. I was just reading about beach pebbles and wanted to do some more research. You guys should check them out and do a review. From what i’ve seen, they’re pretty awesome. I just don’t want to lay them and then find out they shouldn’t be walked on or rolled over by a garbage bin or something. Any ideas?

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