Applications Of RFID Technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology, which involves wireless data acquisition and transaction handling.

Few applications of RFID technology are:

Asset Tracking: Usually tracking or locating static or in-motion assets such as healthcare facility, wheelchairs or IV pumps in, laptops in a corporation and servers in a data center is a very difficult task. User can directly determine the general location of tagged assets anywhere within the store using active RFID technology. Control point detection zones are present at strategic locations all over the facility, which makes the tagged assets to be identified moving through these control points.

People Tracking: People tracking system is similar to asset tracking system. It is generally employed in Hospitals and jails. Hospital uses RFID tags for tracking and locating special patients, emergency patients, important equipment, all activities of new born babies. It is very much useful in mental care hospitals where doctors can track every activity of the patient. The apt use of the people tracking system is in jails as it can easily track inmates.

Document tracking: Large amount of data and documents creates many problems in document management system. An RFID document-tracking system saves time and money by extensively reducing time spent in checking for lost document and reducing financial and legal consequences due to losing documents.

Library: RFID technology is used for reading barcode labels. Unlike the self-barcode reader, RFID based barcode reader can scan multiple items at a time. This helps in reducing queues and increasing the number of customers through self-check. This will reduce the staff required at the circulation desks.

Healthcare: The beneficial aspects of using RFID technology in health care are decreasing medication errors, meeting new standards, staff shortages, and reducing costs. RFID wristbands tied for patients consists of patient records and medication history and deal with many concerns.

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