How To Use Modular Programming Software

Modular programming is effective way of writing software and it can be applied to any programming language. It is useful in Java programming, C ++ Programming or programming in C.

In modular programming, the programmers will split their code in to small sections of code rather than leaving it in one massive portion. The small sections of parts can be called as modules. Each module is split into sub-modules, the sub-modules are known as calling module. The advantage of this programming software is that the modules can be debugged separately without the involvement of other sections of modules. Each section of code refers to the particular job with a specific procedure. Subroutine or a function is one of the examples of modular programming. Duplication of code is not possible in modular programming. The programmers will improve the efficiency of time and code by using modular programming.

The drawbacks of modular programming are that it requires more memory space to store and debugging is a time consuming job.

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