Recruitment Techniques

By using productive employment recruitment techniques, the number of suitable applicants can be increased in a company.

  • A standard employment recruitment technique is the “wanted” advertisement in local newspaper. To be more cost effective and to reach wide audience, online advertising is utilized.
  • Ads distributed on job websites or on business website attracts potential employees from many different places. For targeted recruitment, you can post ads on industry specific job boards. For entry-level jobs, career fairs can help you recruit young graduates.
  • Some colleges and universities promote or sponsors on-campus career fairs that help businesses to recruit well-educated employees.
  • For hiring employees with specific skills, a recruiting agency that screens and potentially test applicants based on the skills requirement is required.
  • The existing employees in an organization can be great source of providing referrals. They may know good suitable person for a vacancy who cannot be identified with traditional recruitment methods.

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