Tips To Get Hybrid Fuel Economy

Hybrid cars reduce the fuel consumption and increase the gas mileage. You can also get the hybrid fuel economy without buying an expensive hybrid car. By following some tips, you can get the hybrid fuel economy with your current vehicle.

Tips to get hybrid fuel economy:

  • Owner’s manual: It is better to follow owner’s manual and manufacturer suggestions for proper maintenance of your car. The right maintenance of car will improve the fuel efficiency.
  • Motor Oil: Upgrade your oil regularly. The high performance synthetic motor oil will save gas, and also improve the fuel efficiency.
  • Air filter: The dirty air filters affect the car performance and economy. It does not allow the air into engine, and consumes more amount of fuel. Replacing the dirty filters save the gas and decrease the fuel economy.
  • Tire inflation: The under inflated tires consumes more gas to move the car. The tires lose air based on the time and temperature. The regular checking of tire maintains the proper air pressure in the car and improves the fuel efficiency.
  • Gas cap: The damaged or loose gas cap vaporizes the gas in the air. It is better to keep gas cap on every time.
  • Slow down: It is better to reduce your speed while driving. As speed increases the consumption of fuel increases.

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