Types Of Recruitment Agencies

The recruiting agencies will charge fee to the employer when the candidate is hired from their recruiting agency. The recruiting agencies will do the initial screening and send the pool of candidates to the company. The companies pay to the recruiting agencies based on the number of filling positions.  There are four main types of recruitment agencies.

Types of recruitment agencies:

  1. Traditional agency: The traditional agency act as in intermediaries between job seeker and employer. Traditional agency is also called as employment agency. The employment agencies are two types. Those are contingency employment agency and retained search firm. The contingency type of employment agencies will send large number of candidates resumes to the employer. If any candidate selected from the recruitment agency, the employer pays to the recruitment agency. The contingency type of agencies mostly searches for the low and mid-level positions. The retained search firms works for the senior level positions. The companies pay expenses plus a percentage of employee’s salary. The payment should be given regardless of whether the candidate is hired.
  2. Headhunters: The headhunter is a recruiter who actively seeks out the best talent for a particular job. The head hunters uses advanced sales techniques. The advanced sales techniques include clients to gather employee contacts. The headhunters may also purchase the expensive list of names and job titles. This type of agencies mostly works for senior management and executive positions.
  3. Niche recruiters: The niche recruiter firms are focused on building ongoing relationship with the candidates and maintains large database. Based on this database the recruiters will place the same candidates many times throughout their career.
  4. In-house recruitment: Most of the large firms will go for the in-house recruitment. Human resource department, front-line hiring managers, and recruitment personnel in the organization can handle the in-house recruitment. The employers will advertise their vacancies in their own websites, and coordinate employee referrals, work with external association.

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