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April 30th, 2010

Tips On House Lighting

by Dov Waxman

Lighting is the main thing that people notice when they enter into a room, consciously or sub-consciously. The total mood of the room can alter with proper lighting.

Basic tips on house lighting for home improvement are:

  • For party purpose, the room can be made more decorated by changing the lights and hanging mirrors to bounce candlelight throughout the room. This provides a warm glow to the room.
  • A large room having high ceiling can be made to appear homely by including small lights throughout the room. To make a small room appear larger, uplighting a colorless ceiling will be suitable.
  • Garden can be decorated with tea lights.
  • Natural light is the best light and to make maximum use of natural light, mirrors should be hung in key positions. Thick curtains will block a great deal of light, so thin filmy curtains should be used.
  • Uplights are more preferred with decorators. Correct positions for uplights would be on the floor, next to a plant or next to furniture to project light beautifully on the wall and can be easily plugged in.
  • Under cabinet lights are mainly used in kitchens or home offices as they bring light exactly to work surface.
  • Lampshades are also excellent for lighting.
  • In picture lighting, light is fixed above or below a picture to make a beautiful difference.
  • Task lighting is used for a particular purpose, like reading, working at a computer or cooking. This light should be focused on the area where the work will be done, as it percolates the possibility of receiving glare from other surfaces.
  • Lights which can be angled and lowered is a best choice. Installing a dimmer is a good thing as it can set moods for various occasions with a switch. Dim lights are suitable for quite dinners and bright lights for homework.

As different rooms will have different operations, it is essential to provide proper lighting for each room. The style of lighting will have impact on ambience, mood and setting. Ensure that lighting controls (switches) are placed in convenient locations.

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April 25th, 2010

Planning Before Home Exterior Painting

by Andrew Veazey

Proper knowledge of paint and a good amount of preparation are two major key points for exterior home painting. It gives a fresh and a new look to the exterior of the house. While painting, choice of the color should be unique such that it looks consistent with the other houses around it. Exterior paint also should be in harmony with interior painting of home. For all these efforts following planning should be done:

Preparation of the Walls
Good wall gives a good paint finish. So before painting, it is better to repair damages like cracks, holes etc. on the exterior walls. Wall washing is the most convenient and simplest way to remove dirt and debris from the wall. Paint does not stick too well on a glossy surface. So, remove all loosely bound cracked old paint from the wall with the help of a paint scraper.

Types and finishes
Exterior wall paints have unique features. They can peruse regular expansion and construction along with the change in weather. Two types of paints are available in the market. They are latex based paints and alkyd based paints. A latex based paint is better paint because it gives a good porous finish and does not trap any moisture so it is highly durable. Exterior paints have three different finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss and flat. Glossy give bright appearance while semi-gloss is good for main part of wall.

Types of brushes
This is a tool for exterior house painting and its selection depends upon the house category. For example: A horizontal siding house needs a big 4 inch brush while 2 inch angle brush works well for windows and doors.

This kind of planning helps a lot while painting process. Selection of color, shade and finishes are important aspects of painting plan. It is also very important to check weather forecast before painting process. You know that rain will wash away all the paint from the exterior walls.

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April 23rd, 2010

Different Types Of Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits

by Edwin Rosenthal

Yoga is an ancient health practice and helps yoga practitioner to control the mind, body and soul. Yoga is categorized in many parts and it contains Fairy houses lots of poses and styles. There are three main poses in yoga asanas: supine poses, prone pose, and sitting poses. Each pose contains many different and effective practices of yoga.

Asanas in supine poses (lying face upward):

  • Shavasana – It helps to cure arterial hypertension
  • Sarvangasana – This can eliminate bronchitis, dyspepsia diseases
  • Suptavajrasana – This is done to get relief from ailments of back, neck and waist
  • Halasana – Asthma, diabetes, menstrual disorder and constipation can be curable with these asanas
  • Chakrasana – It is capable to cure diabetes, asthma, constipation and obesity

Asanas in Prone poses (lying face down):

  • Bhujangasana – This kind of health practice is good for cervical spondylysis, bronchitis, asthma and asinophilla.
  • Dhanurasan – This helps to achieve relieving flatulence, constipation and menstrual irregularities.
  • Naukasana – It helps to recover from body stiffness and back pain
  • Makarasana – This helps to cure hypertension, heart disease and mental disorders

Asanas in Sitting Poses:

  • Sukhasana – It helps to eliminate strained and irritable nervous system
  • Vajrasana – This yoga as ones helps for better digestion, constipation and seminal weakness
  • Ushtrasana – It act in toned liver, pancreas, kidney and bladder
  • Parvatasana – Lumbar, spinal, shoulder and knee pains can be cured by this style of yoga asanas

These ancient health practices make an effect on each and every part of the body and capable to cure any type of dangerous disease.

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April 19th, 2010

Common Problems in Storage Units

by Dov Waxman

Climate will be different from one part of the country to another. It may range from too much dryness to too much humidity. These climate conditions can destroy certain items. The main problem for items, if not stored properly are “biological contaminants”. The five main contaminants which are found in a storage unit and spoil personal possessions are:

  • bacteria
  • dust mites
  • mildew
  • mold
  • viruses

Storing items in a climate controlled self storage unit will prevent these problems from happening and also damaging perspectives like future health issues, spoiled odors, paper rot, and wood degradation. Household items which are generally climate sensitive and more prone to damage are artwork, books, paintings, and paper items.

Anything which is made out of paper can perish due to paper rot if subjected to continuous humidity. Pages will cuddle, also stick together, and the print may probably bleed on the page. If the pages or a painting are covered with mildew and mold, then every thing will be spoiled.

Clothing and fabric will not prosper well when it is apparent to mildew and mold. So, they should be stored in a dry, warm climate in order to last a longer.

Electronics are more sensitive to moisture and require a climate controlled self storage environment. They should be stored in a facility which is both dry and warm.

Cushioned items and wood furniture can be easily damaged due to extreme deviations in climate. Antiques are more prone to damage due to intense dryness or moisture. They get wrapped with mildew, or get moldy, or the wood begins to rot. If the storage is very much dry, wood will crack or warp, spoiling wooden furnishings. Allergic reactions and asthma attacks are quickly provoked by mildew and mold as they target directly on the human respiratory system.

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April 18th, 2010

Types Of Basic Yoga Positions

by Edwin Rosenthal

Yoga is kind of ancient health exercise, which helps to improve both mind and body. Yoga practices are capable to transform the person in such a way that he/she can able to perform those things, which were never possible for him earlier. Wide range of yoga helps to attain self-awareness, balance and strength. Practicing yoga is a great way of relaxing but in beginning following basic yoga poses should peruse:

Adho Mukha Svanasana
This basic pose of yoga is also known as cat and dog pose. This helps to buildup the flexibility of the spine and it is also helpful in treating stress and strain related back pains.

Forward Bend
This yoga is capable to remove all stress and strain of spine. This pose stretches the legs, spine, back and also helps to relax the mind as well as the body.

The Triangle Pose
This yoga exercise will stretch the spine, opens the torso, and improves balance as well as concentration. It is improved style of yoga poses.

The Corpse Pose
It is an easiest and simplest basic poses for beginners. With this yoga pose, a person can refresh his body, mind and he can also get relieved from stress and anxiety. Savasana is a kind of Corpse pose.

These basic yoga poses will give better results only if it is practiced regularly. Addition of some more yoga poses is advisable after the learning of all basic poses. Sun salutations and many more are common examples of additional exercise.

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April 16th, 2010

Simple Way To Increase Credit-Card Points

by Edwin Rosenthal

A good credit score is important in today’s lending environment. An average credit score can be figured out to improved credit score by following rules:

Clean credit report
Many credit reports contain some errors. It could be credit card limits reporting incorrectly to old accounts or some other problem. Accurate credit report is your responsibility. Check the credit report at least once a year. If there is any problem with credit report then it is advisable to report to credit bureaus.

Pay Off Revolving Debt
This is a quickest way to raise the credit score. It is all because, 30% of credit score is determined from the utilization of card score. For the best possible score a person should maintain 25% of the total available balance on each account.

Payment before cut date
If a credit card holder made the heavy use of card but delay the payment date then it totally low the credit card score. But if a cardholder pays on or before your due date, then balance reported to the credit bureaus will be the earlier amount value.

Establish New Positive Credit
Credit restoration is a kind of long time process and opening a new account will temporarily low the credit score. So having a two to four credit cards will resolve this problem. It all because most companies demand at least four established credit account for approval of any loan.

April 14th, 2010

Practical Advices: Starting Yoga

by Edwin Rosenthal

Yoga, a kind of body exercise offers many benefits like stronger-flexible body, toning of muscles, reducing stress, and also improves mental and physical well-being. It is an old health practitioner exercise. But to enjoy the real pleasure and benefits of yoga following advices should be followed:

Choose yoga asana
Before starting yoga it is advisable to choose an asana, which suits the person’s personality and state of physical fitness. In starting phase, choose basic asanas of yoga like Hatha and Vinyasa.

Search a yoga class
A yoga class will be good for those people who are new to yoga. A person can search for a yoga class through local newspapers or wellness magazine. Search these classes either near to home or office. It will be easy to get in a class.

Know what to bring – to a yoga class; a person needs to bring some comfortable, breathable clothing and a yoga mat.

Yoga ethics – In yoga classes following things should to be learnt:
Put the yoga mat in such a way that your companions do not feel any problem
Short meditation at the start of class

A big meal before the class
Drink water in a class
Wear shoes or shocks during the class

Always review yoga etiquette
Ask for help during any problem

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April 6th, 2010

Types of Translation

by Jonathan Cogley

Translation is the method of translating a text in document from one language to another. It is not just a mechanical translation of words. An accurate translation needs complete apprehending of the original text and then converting it into the target language.

  • Machine translation: It is also called automatic translation, this can be any translation which is performed without human intervention, by making use of software, hand-held translators, online translators like Babelfish, etc. Machine translation is highly limited in quality and efficiency.
  • Machine-assisted translation: Translation which is done using machine translator and a human working combinedly. For instance, to translate “honey,” the machine translator will provide the options le miel and chéri so that the person can choose the one which makes more sense in the context. This is significantly better than machine translation, and some feel that it is more effective than only human translation.
  • Screen translation: Translation of movies and television programs, like subtitling (where the translation is typewritten along the bottom side of the screen) and dubbing (in which the voices of native speakers of the target language are listened in place of the original actors).
  • Sight translation: Document present in the source language is translated orally in the target language. This task is done by interpreters when an article present in the source language is not available with  translation (like a memo delivered at a meeting).
  • Localization: It is conversion of software or other products to a different culture. Localization consists of translation of documents, dialog boxes, etc., and also linguistic and cultural changes in order to make the product suitable and correct to the target country.

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April 2nd, 2010

Factors To Be Considered Before Installing Barcode System

by Edwin Rosenthal

Before installing any barcode system, the two things which should be kept in mind are expansion and reliability.

  • Expansion
    Ensure that company’s future needs are also fulfilled while estimating its current needs. A system should not be installed which will not be able to expand in the future. In particular, the factors to be considered are:
  • Extra Terminals or stations: Install more RAM and a greater hard drive than presently required. Addition of new terminals or workstations should be available.
  • Wiring: Wiring for additional workstations can generally be included when the cabling is stretched with basically no additional costs. Ensure that there is provision for some extra cables.
  • Network Length Limitations: Many networks will have a limited length for the entire cable making up the network. A network which will not have provision of some extra terminals to be added easily should not be selected.
  • Speed: A computer or terminal, which has the provision for upgradable speed should be selected. Ensure that best disk cache is used, and data should not be saved on RAM.
  • Reliability
  • Power Supply: Make sure that each workstation will have a reliable power source. In many cases, any convenient power outlet can be used. In industrial situations, it is consistently a good idea to build up a surge suppressor to the equipment at installation.
  • Backup Hardware: As a system is combined with an operational process, it will slowly become more risky. It will be beneficial to have backup hardware in the facility to handle some inevitable failures.
  • Utilities: When a system is installed, diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities must be included to handle irresistible problems. Some disk and virus-detection utilities should also be included to eliminate virus attacks.