Planning Before Home Exterior Painting

Proper knowledge of paint and a good amount of preparation are two major key points for exterior home painting. It gives a fresh and a new look to the exterior of the house. While painting, choice of the color should be unique such that it looks consistent with the other houses around it. Exterior paint also should be in harmony with interior painting of home. For all these efforts following planning should be done:

Preparation of the Walls
Good wall gives a good paint finish. So before painting, it is better to repair damages like cracks, holes etc. on the exterior walls. Wall washing is the most convenient and simplest way to remove dirt and debris from the wall. Paint does not stick too well on a glossy surface. So, remove all loosely bound cracked old paint from the wall with the help of a paint scraper.

Types and finishes
Exterior wall paints have unique features. They can peruse regular expansion and construction along with the change in weather. Two types of paints are available in the market. They are latex based paints and alkyd based paints. A latex based paint is better paint because it gives a good porous finish and does not trap any moisture so it is highly durable. Exterior paints have three different finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss and flat. Glossy give bright appearance while semi-gloss is good for main part of wall.

Types of brushes
This is a tool for exterior house painting and its selection depends upon the house category. For example: A horizontal siding house needs a big 4 inch brush while 2 inch angle brush works well for windows and doors.

This kind of planning helps a lot while painting process. Selection of color, shade and finishes are important aspects of painting plan. It is also very important to check weather forecast before painting process. You know that rain will wash away all the paint from the exterior walls.

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