Factors To Be Considered Before Installing Barcode System

Before installing any barcode system, the two things which should be kept in mind are expansion and reliability.

  • Expansion
    Ensure that company’s future needs are also fulfilled while estimating its current needs. A system should not be installed which will not be able to expand in the future. In particular, the factors to be considered are:
  • Extra Terminals or stations: Install more RAM and a greater hard drive than presently required. Addition of new terminals or workstations should be available.
  • Wiring: Wiring for additional workstations can generally be included when the cabling is stretched with basically no additional costs. Ensure that there is provision for some extra cables.
  • Network Length Limitations: Many networks will have a limited length for the entire cable making up the network. A network which will not have provision of some extra terminals to be added easily should not be selected.
  • Speed: A computer or terminal, which has the provision for upgradable speed should be selected. Ensure that best disk cache is used, and data should not be saved on RAM.
  • Reliability
  • Power Supply: Make sure that each workstation will have a reliable power source. In many cases, any convenient power outlet can be used. In industrial situations, it is consistently a good idea to build up a surge suppressor to the equipment at installation.
  • Backup Hardware: As a system is combined with an operational process, it will slowly become more risky. It will be beneficial to have backup hardware in the facility to handle some inevitable failures.
  • Utilities: When a system is installed, diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities must be included to handle irresistible problems. Some disk and virus-detection utilities should also be included to eliminate virus attacks.
Updated: April 20, 2010 — 9:14 am
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