Practical Advices: Starting Yoga

Yoga, a kind of body exercise offers many benefits like stronger-flexible body, toning of muscles, reducing stress, and also improves mental and physical well-being. It is an old health practitioner exercise. But to enjoy the real pleasure and benefits of yoga following advices should be followed:

Choose yoga asana
Before starting yoga it is advisable to choose an asana, which suits the person’s personality and state of physical fitness. In starting phase, choose basic asanas of yoga like Hatha and Vinyasa.

Search a yoga class
A yoga class will be good for those people who are new to yoga. A person can search for a yoga class through local newspapers or wellness magazine. Search these classes either near to home or office. It will be easy to get in a class.

Know what to bring – to a yoga class; a person needs to bring some comfortable, breathable clothing and a yoga mat.

Yoga ethics – In yoga classes following things should to be learnt:
Put the yoga mat in such a way that your companions do not feel any problem
Short meditation at the start of class

A big meal before the class
Drink water in a class
Wear shoes or shocks during the class

Always review yoga etiquette
Ask for help during any problem

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