Tips On House Lighting

Lighting is the main thing that people notice when they enter into a room, consciously or sub-consciously. The total mood of the room can alter with proper lighting.

Basic tips on house lighting for home improvement are:

  • For party purpose, the room can be made more decorated by changing the lights and hanging mirrors to bounce candlelight throughout the room. This provides a warm glow to the room.
  • A large room having high ceiling can be made to appear homely by including small lights throughout the room. To make a small room appear larger, uplighting a colorless ceiling will be suitable.
  • Garden can be decorated with tea lights.
  • Natural light is the best light and to make maximum use of natural light, mirrors should be hung in key positions. Thick curtains will block a great deal of light, so thin filmy curtains should be used.
  • Uplights are more preferred with decorators. Correct positions for uplights would be on the floor, next to a plant or next to furniture to project light beautifully on the wall and can be easily plugged in.
  • Under cabinet lights are mainly used in kitchens or home offices as they bring light exactly to work surface.
  • Lampshades are also excellent for lighting.
  • In picture lighting, light is fixed above or below a picture to make a beautiful difference.
  • Task lighting is used for a particular purpose, like reading, working at a computer or cooking. This light should be focused on the area where the work will be done, as it percolates the possibility of receiving glare from other surfaces.
  • Lights which can be angled and lowered is a best choice. Installing a dimmer is a good thing as it can set moods for various occasions with a switch. Dim lights are suitable for quite dinners and bright lights for homework.

As different rooms will have different operations, it is essential to provide proper lighting for each room. The style of lighting will have impact on ambience, mood and setting. Ensure that lighting controls (switches) are placed in convenient locations.

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