Different Types Of Controls Used For Home Automation

Various components that provide sophisticated home automation link for residential wiring for use in any residence. Individual units are controlled by using different controls. The different types of controls which are being used regularly are:

1. Power line control: Often PLC controllers transmit the codes over the ac wiring network of the house directly to the PLC receivers. PLC components are easy to install and operate. No, special wiring or other modifications are needed. These PLC components are used to switch lights and appliances from across the room, or to switch lights of another room, or from any convenient location in the house.

2. Time controller: There are different types of programmable timers. Timers are used for turning on/off of the lights or even small appliances in day or at night. More advanced timer control units can have greater capabilities ranging from basic home control to home automation. All these have battery backup in case of power failure.

3. Computer controllers: Today all automation controllers are capable of utilizing an interface with PC’s. Computers used as home automation controllers provide flexibility to the home automation. Beyond simple action and reaction and timed control of devices, computer control integrates scheduling and advanced control of hardware input/output devices.

4. Wireless controls: Several radio remote controllers are used for operating various appliances from any place, or from any where. Using radio waves transmitted through walls or ceilings from anywhere these remote controls transmit command signals to the transceiver. The transceiver receives the signals and transmits it over the home wiring circuit.

Updated: December 21, 2015 — 6:02 am
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