Impact of transportation on personal welfare

Contribution of transportation to economic development obviously implied personal life. The well being of any person or organization depends mostly on the considerations like education, health and even employment.

  • Health: Technology is growing much faster; there are no advancements in the Health services in the village. We cannot provide hospitals to each and every village. So, it is better to access urban facilities using transportation. So, the urban facilities can be used with the help of the advanced means of transport. Health can be maintained for the remote living people and emergency services are provided by the easier access of the urban facilities.
  • Education: Education plays a vital role in one’s life. Everybody needs it. So, in order to have a better access towards the education again transportation plays a major role. Full range of educational facilities are present in the urban regions. Education becomes an unrealistic feature in the remote places. So, transportation is needed to make the remote people as literates.
  • Employment: There are two types of migrations. Permanent Migration will be as costly as to shift the entire family to another place. Non-permanent migration leads to more income, migrating from one place to another place, leads to work during peak seasons in villages; and during other seasons work will be done usually in the urban places. So, for this kind of migration transportation is required which makes the life easier to travel up and down from remote places to urban cities. It even provides employment to the individuals are the drivers, pilots, cabin crews and in preparation of the required materials for the construction of buses, automobiles etc. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme