Keys For Successful Offshore Test Automation

Test automation is nothing but the software for controlling the test execution and it actually compares both the actual outcomes with the predicted outcomes. Cost reduction is done by the use of offshore. So, there is a need for offshore automation. Two mandates that are necessary for offshore test automation are:

  1. Automation is needed in addition to the manual efforts but the budget requirement may be high to hire automation engineers.
  2. If the automation is present previously, then use the cost effective automation techniques that will increase your test cases.

Infrastructure: Determining the cases which you want to automate and what are the automating techniques needed and how will you are building for that offshore team are the essentials before starting your offshore test automation. If there is an offshore team then the test will lead to a plan on how this will be accomplished. For many cases we can use existing infrastructure for manual testing. If the automation is done, then by using existing automation, the infrastructure has been set up. If this is the case then for finding gaps in infrastructure off shore test is used to get a better infrastructure.

Training and communication: The offshore team is made of skilled programmers who can make test scripts fastly. Training should be given for all the team members across the globe so that they can follow the same method. So, training plays a very important role in the offshore test automation. Every body in the team should understand the methods or processes. Once every body understands, offer clear lines of communication. A good communication plan leads to good results.

Goals setting and expectations: The offshore team should have clear picture about the frequency and the number of deliverables. Engineer’s capability is to be measured by finding out the number of test cases automated in a week. While the test cases, does not have the same length and even the complexity of the test case varies for each and every one. So, finally production check can be done by using the number of test cases automated.

Source Control: Good version control mechanism is necessary for checking off onshore team to check what has been checked for a particular period which in turn reduces the loss of assets. Even some of the test automation tools are used for source control of the testing cases.

Verification and Test Reviewing: The review and execution of the test automation should be on the regular basis which makes you verify whether they are meeting your goals or not. Good source control mechanism means the onshore team should have uniform access to the assets created by offshore team. Depending up on the team you can review and verify the tests created by the offshore team every day.

Every organization is facing the same test automation challenges, but by the above keys you can achieve the good result.

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