Planning for a Small Private Wedding!

In small private wedding, everyone can become close to each other. Generally people think wedding is a grand celebration, and expensive. But it depends upon wedding couple’s personal decision whether they want to have simple private wedding or grand celebration. Here some instructions to small private wedding.

a. Discuss with your family members to know the guest list and ensure the number of guests and find out who do not receive an invitation by discussing with family members.

b. Create a budget: decide how much money you are going to spend on wedding. What are important expenses and what should be reduced and discuss with your family members and take information from them. Accordingly you can prepare a budget for wedding, this should be realistic.

c. Choose a location: According to your budget and guests, you have to select the location. You can select a special spot for wedding like beach, mountainside, private home, because it is small private wedding.

d. Design your menu: Find out your guests’ tastes and favorites, accordingly design the menu. There is no chance to gather tastes and favorites in large crowded marriages. Here you can have the opportunity to serve the guests with their favorites.

e. Request to express their feelings: Wedding is a memorable day in every one’s life. So you can share feelings. So request your guests to express their feelings. You can show the past highlights with family and friends. You can involve in the dance with each family member and enjoy.

You can design your wedding according to your wish because it is small and convenient one. These instructions may be useful to you in your small wedding plan. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme