Know About Programmable Automation

It is a form of automation which is used for producing products in batches. The products are being produced in batches. The quantity of the products is ranging from some dozens of products to thousands of the products. For each new batch the production equipment will be reprogrammed for producing a new type of product. The programmable automation is mostly used in manufacturing system. Here specialized equipment is placed for both processing and altering by means of software. To the contrary, the programmable automation is where the general purpose equipment is being used in a process manufactured system where the processing sequence and the operation types can be easily altered using the software. Programmable automation is very efficient for the production of customized products. Some of the advantages by using programmable automation are:

  • Here the time used for setting up the machinery and equipment
  • The time needed for setting the machinery is short
  • Time required for responding towards to the market is also very short
  • Even the ease of including the product design techniques is very high.
  • Production rate is very high.

These are some of the advantages which are making the use of programmable automation wider.

The main disadvantage is the Capital Investment which is very high; but may look meager when compared to its advantages.

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