Know About Side Effects Of Depressants

Depressants can be used both for medicinal and for illegal usage.

The positive effects of depressants with the prescription of the doctor are:

  • They reduces anxiety and stress.
  • They induce sleepiness
  • They relieve aches, pains.
  • To cause the relaxation of the muscles.
  • To lower blood pressure.

If they are consumed without the prescription of the doctors then there will be many side effects. Even large dosage of the prescription drugs leads to confusion, sleepiness and reduces concentration of a person.

Negative effects:

  • If the drug is consumed in large dosage then the speech of the person gets slurred.
  • If it is over dosage then the person may enter into coma, respiratory depression.
  • If the pregnant woman consumes it then it may affect the health of the infants and the infants may cause behaviour problems.
  • Even the brain volume decreases and causes memory problems.
  • It causes loss of inhibition and even in some cases it causes euphoria.
  • If it is withdrawn from a long term use then it causes weakness, vomiting, head ache, shaking and even sweating.
  • If it is used for a long time then it causes death.

In addition to short term effects there are even long term effects. Over usage for many years leads to the permanent damage of the liver, heart, brain, and even damages other internal organs. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme