Steps to Follow for Setting the MS Exchange Server

By using the Microsoft Exchange Server, one can get the applications such as instant messaging, calenders, e-mail and other shared mediums. There are lot of advantages which are resulted due to the MS exchange server.

Follow This setup wizard to install the MS Exchange server set up.

  • public uptime statistics Locate the server management tools before you set up the MS Exchange server. To locate it, click start menu and locate server management tools. If it is not found directly then you can check in the following path start->Programs-> Administrative Tools->Manage Your server.
  • By clicking the “Add Roles” icon start the configuration wizard.
  • For the master administrator, type the login name and the password which you want to use. Store them in a safe place, so that you can use them for the future purpose. Record them safely. If you have to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft exchange software if you loose the user name and the password. Then after that click next to continue.
  • After giving the user name and the password then select the mail server for your server role which plays an effective role in controlling the communication roles such as e-mail, messaging, calendar and this setting is the default setting.
  • Select the authentication method of “local windows account” when prompted and this is the default setting. This authentication method will allow to unify the personal machine account with the email accounts. Click next to continue.
  • Enter the designated settings of the server like domain name and the server address. Then click next to continue.
  • After reviewing the settings then select the finish button. Now the set up has been done successfully and the individual users can be added to the server.

Thus, the set up of MS Exchange Server is done using the above steps.

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