Problems of Systemic Yeast Infection

Systemic infection and problems can be prevented and they are life threatening also. There are many different fungus and you may get fungus from foods or from the environment. Nearly 100 mycotoxins are released by this fungi in to the body. And different parts of the body are affected by the mycotoxins.

Systemic infection is also called as opportunistic infection. It is serious fungal overgrowth condition in the body. When candida changes from normal yeast to form of fungus and it enters into bloodstream then systemic infection begins. It is very difficult to diagnose.

According to severity, candidiasis can be ranked:
Occasional infection: Approximately 75 percent of individuals may get this occasional infection in their life at least once, especially women, and babies.

Chronic infection: Chronic infection means, it can be symptom of severe conditions, such as affected immune system.

Systemic yeast infection: It affects whole body and it causes symptoms like unexplained fatigue, sensor disturbances, muscle aches, persistent migraines, general weakness, dizziness and respiratory disturbancies. It also causes gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea, oral thrush, constipation, and gas, itching and burning in the rectal area.

When systemic yeast infection occurs in body then immune system fails to control the candida multiplication in body. If any one has high sugar or acid in body then it will be favorable condition for systemic yeast infection. And it attacks the body’s parts, organ systems, such as eyes, skin, blood, liver, digestive system, respiratory system and others.

Now you may be aware of the dangers of the systemic yeast infection. Always preferable thing is prevention is better than cure. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme