Saliva Drug Testing and its Researches

Now-a-days, usage of drugs has increased. In order to detect and prevent the drug usage, many different types of methods are found out by many physicians and researchers. As there are many different types of methods, one has to select the best method for detecting the drug usage.

Before developing the drug testing methods, large amount of research work has been done. The researches did a large amount of research work in making the saliva drug test much accurate. Apart from advantages there are also the disadvantages which make the test unreliable for some cases.

Unlike other tests, the sample can be easily collected and adulteration of the sample cannot be done. Unlike the urine testing, this test does not need any privacy, so the false sample cannot be given.

The sample of saliva is collected using the scrub. The scrub is same as the toothbrush but in this scrub instead of bristles a swab is placed which is used for collecting the saliva. The swab is placed between the gums and the lower cheek for about two minutes. Another advantage of this saliva drug testing is, some of the home testing drug kits can detect the drug presence at that instant itself without the need of lab.

For the long term drug usage patterns saliva drug testing cannot give the accurate results. One can check the drug presence up to 20 hours. Saliva drug testing is used for detecting the presence of the drug which has been consumed within 24 hours. It cannot detect the previous history of drug abuse. Whereas, the other types of tests can be used to detect even after 90 days of usage.

At a time by using the saliva drug testing, there is a chance of detecting 5 to 6 drugs. By using this saliva drug testing, one can detect the presence of 8 different drugs. Until and unless the previous drug history is not needed one can use this method.

This test is mostly helpful for avoiding the road fatalities. This test can detect the presence of drug at that instant, so that the driver is not allowed to drive as the influence of the drug may cause accidents.

These are the results of the various researches done. Still many researches are being carried out for making it much more accurate than the previous. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme