Tips For Cleaning Pearls

Pearls add extra beauty to the jewelry. They are generally white in color and they look classy and they are not hard as the other gemstones. Pearls have a great appearance and they make the jewelry look extraordinary.

So, to maintain such beautiful items care must be taken. They are even the pieces of investment. So as to maintain its beauty, they must be cleaned throughout the life.

The jewelry cleaners which are used for cleaning the jewelry of gold and silver must no be used. They are the chemical cleaners which can be used only for the gold and silver items. Those cleaners consist of the chemicals like ammonia which may damage the pearls. Never use bleaching powders, detergents and also baking sodas for cleaning the pearls. Just use simply use mild soap and water. Some times avoid soapy water and always don’t clean them with chemical solution. Apart from this way, clean the pearls with a soft cloth which should be free from fibers. Don’t use rugged clothes for cleaning the pearls.

Instead, if you don’t have time to do all these things, go for the jewelry store and ask them to clean it. Because of the dust present in the body and as they are exposed to the atmosphere, they look pale and with lot of dust. So, always after using them clean them and store them in a cloth. While adorning yourself with the perfumes, hairsprays which are chemicals always apply them first and then go for wearing the pearls as the chemicals present in the perfumes will stain on the jewelry. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme