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September 20th, 2010

Know About Differences Between Perfumes and Deodorants

by Edwin Rosenthal

Both Perfumes and Deodorants are used for preventing the body odor due to sweat. Perfumes are generally preferred for clothes or on the key places of the body. These are not used under the arms. Whereas coming to the deodorants, they are applied directly to the body where the sweat production is more. This is mostly applied under the arms. This is not used for clothes.

Depending upon the amount of fragrance oil and the alcohol contents they are vary. Deodorant contains 6-15 % of fragrance oil and 80% of the alcohol content. Perfume contains the highest content of the fragrance oil and ethyl alcohol. It is of about 15-25%.

So, depending on the above percentages the fragrance lasts for long time. Generally as the perfume has the highest percentage, it will be last for much time. Sometimes the strong perfumes smell will not be vanished, even if the person takes a bath. But where as the deodorant will not last for so much time.

Perfume cannot remove the body odor where as the deodorant will remove the body odor. As the chemical content is more in the perfume, so, it cannot be applied directly expect in some places whereas the deodorant can remove the body odor.

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