Tips For Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing technology used by the marketers for advertising their commodities. As the usage of mobile technology has been increased day-by-day in the marketing field one might get confused on mobile marketing. So, these are some of the steps which will be useful for making the marketing effective.

  • First and the foremost will be building the mobile marketing database. Never add the cell phone numbers to your database without getting the permission from the mobile user. Always request for the confirmation before adding the number to the database. Once you get a response then add you can add it to your database.
  • Set the expectations of the message: Whenever the customer opts-in or during the opts-in process, ask the customer regarding how often they should expect the message from the marketer. Also, give them the options regarding the frequency of getting messages and alert them indicating if any message charges are to be paid. Never hesitate to say that standard charges apply.
  • Always use a short code which your marketing company alone is using. This makes the identification easy for the customers.
  • Always keep in mind if you go for SMS marketing, the text should be concise and clear because maximum limit of words used are 160. So, be careful while sending opt -in and opt-out messages.
  • The response rates for the mobile marketing will be increased if message is personalized by indicating the names of the users.
  • Mobile marketers should always remember the text should be relevant.
  • Along with the relevant nature of the message, timing is also one of the factor which should be considered. Suppose your are selling the products for some period of time, Then always remind the closing time.
  • Along with the opt-in options, opt-out options are also to be specified clearly while sending a message. Some of the opt-out options may be REMOVE, UNSUBSCRIBE etc.
  • As one of the fastest media for transmitting the message will be SMS. Ask the customers even to inform their friends regarding the market.
  • Along with using the text messaging even the other forms of communication for getting the message to be transmitted easily and quickly.

These tips will be helpful for doing the mobile marketing effectively. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme