Want to Know About Glow Sticks?

Many of us might have seen glow sticks adding fun at parties. A single-use translucent plastic tube that provides light without an electric source is termed as a glow stick. They are of about four or five inches long and less than an inch in diameter. A more flexible plastic is used for making glow sticks. They are available in many shapes.

A chemical process called chemiluminescence is the basic property in glow sticks. Certain factors such as composition and quality of chemicals inside the stick affect the duration of glow sticks. Glow sticks are generally used for recreational purposes. However, they can also be used in many ways as a light source that may range from military equipment to hiking.

Glow sticks or other slow stick instruments are used for a form of dancing called as ‘glowsticking’. The roots of glowsticking are found in the electronic and rave scenes. Use of glow sticks on a string, the swinging motion, and others is possible in glowstringing. Certain martial arts and performances with swords, flails, and ropes can be done with glow sticks or glow stick-like instruments which are tied with a durable string to one end of it. Freehand glowsticking is also practiced that does not use any strings attached to the glow sticks. Many lightshows are performed with glow sticks. They can be used to trace audience of one to several people who are closer to the performer.

Glow sticks are used at many parties with many colors. A party can be made enjoyable and attractive by using them. The use of glow sticks is not only pertained to kids, they can also be used at certain emergency situations.

Updated: March 28, 2013 — 8:25 am
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