What are the Key Elements of the Application Performance Management

Application performance management is significant for any business who use the WAN. It helps to provide better service to customers by enhancing performance of the application. Using WAN optimization devices is the best way to improve performance of the application, and it can be the way of the application performance management. There are some key elements of the application performance management, such as:

Ability to collect the data, which is related to the enterprise’s business is one of the key elements of the successful application performance management. Creating a baseline for network traffic and application usage is the best way to make sure the usable data. This is better way to notice the abnormal traffic pattern or unusual application usage.

Using the appropriate class of service which is available to compare the networks normal traffic and application usage with the networks existing capacity and to know how it has been differentiated from the rest of the application correctly and efficiently.

The important advantage of the APM is discovering problem and causes of such problems.

Updated: December 24, 2013 — 3:20 am
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