Know About Orangeries

Home improvement is generally done to provide extra space in house. It adds value to an existing home. Construction of orangeries is one of the best solutions of home improvement. An orangery is generally termed as a building with numerous large windows, built to house potted orange trees during winter. It is a building that is frequently found in the grounds of fashionable residences from 17th to 19th centuries. A classical architectural form was added to it. At that time, a luxurious extension to the normal range and season of woody plants was provided by an orangery. It also offered extended protection and warmth by a brick fruit wall.

Earlier orangeries were built for allowing keen gardeners to grow exotic plants including fruits. They are used so, as they retain heat. Orangeries today are chosen for providing extra-ordinary architecture and valuable space to a home. Orangeries can be used as a range of rooms which may include dining area, sitting room, playroom and others. Using orangeries can avoid the add-on look that is given by a more traditional conservatory.

An orangery is a building that gives traditional style. However, it can be constructed with various designs so that it is matched to the style of the home. Whole length of the home can be extended for orangeries. They can also be used for providing an additional space to an existing room.

Orangeries can be considered as an additional room which provides area for arranging dinner parties and family gatherings. This gives a peaceful atmosphere where room is surrounded by beautiful plants. An orangery brings the joy similar to that of a conservatory but they have their own unique features.

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