Find the Necessity of Using Barcodes in Time and Attendance Systems

Barcodes can be used for various purposes in different industries. They are also used by many companies in their time and attendance systems. A time and attendance system records the working hours of employees in order to calculate their wages.

Employee cards are given to the employees containing unique barcode number. The data like employee name and other professional details may be encoded in the barcode. So each employee will have a unique barcode number. Symbol barcode can be used for this purpose. These are printed by a specific barcode printer. Many companies use Zebra printers for creating barcodes for time and attendance systems. Employee cards are scanned by barcode scanners which record the time in and time out of an employee. A specific software used helps in storing and managing these data for calculating payrolls.

Let us know why barcode time and attendance system is essential.

  • Manual systems for managing payroll activities include high labor work. It may also be prone to human errors. It also takes lot of time and effort for storage and management of manual time and attendance systems. In order to avoid these issues, one can use barcodes in time and attendance systems.
  • When manual time and attendance systems are used, employees may enter wrong details of their time in and time out. It thus may include frauds and misuse. So it is necessary to apply barcodes in time and attendance systems.
  • Certain employees involved in checking payroll issues feel bored and laborious to do it. In the process, they may make some mistakes. They may not report the details to their supervisors in time. The barcode system should therefore be used to reduce their time and effort.
  • It must be implemented to eliminate payroll disputes with employees.
  • In order to reduce the time required for payroll auditing tasks, it is necessary to follow barcode time and attendance systems.

Because of these reasons, many companies prefer to use barcode time and attendance tracking systems which improves efficiency of payroll activities. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme