Know About Functions Of Air Purifiers

An air purifier should have the capability of removing and absorbing many pollutants present in the air. Air cleaners are majorly used in enclosed environment and also used in gas compressors and gas turbine. The best electric air cleaner is the one which has the combination of few different technologies.

Air purifier has many functions to perform. Below are the some of the functions performed by them:

In engines:
Air cleaner that is present in engines stops the production of coarse particles in engine’s cylinders because release of these particles can cause mechanical disturbance and oil contamination. Air purifiers are fixed near the throttle of the engine to clean the place so that the clean air goes in.

Removes Airborne Particles:
An air cleaner removes airborne pollutant particles from the air and keep the home free of toxic environment. The technology used in air purifiers removes 99.7% of dangerous substances.

Eliminates Odor:
A quality air cleaner removes odors from an indoor space with the use of activated carbon filters, which are more efficient than other types of filters in absorbing odor. Oxidant known as ozone also absorbs the odor and also destroys odor causing air pollutants. In some air cleaner both carbon filter and ozone technology is present to remove the odor.

Eliminates Smoke and Chemical Fumes:
The other function of an air cleaner is to remove smoke, and any chemical fumes from solvents, paint, heating or cooking gas. An activated carbon filter absorbs smoke and chemical fumes. A HEPA filter can eliminate smoke, but is not effective at eliminating chemical fumes. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme