How are Glow sticks Used for Emergency and Safety?

Glow sticks are associated mainly with entertainment events. In addition, they can also be used for emergency and safety purposes. The size of a glow stick used for emergency or safety purposes is about 6″. An immediate and dependable light output is provided by it for 12 hours. The advantages of glow sticks are that they are non-flammable, windproof, and non-toxic. They can also be used in explosive situations. A string can be attached to the stick by a hook and a hole provided at the top of the stick.

Here are some of the uses of glow sticks as emergency or safety devices.

  • Sometimes you may come across situations like changing tires and seeking for help while traveling. So it is better to carry glow sticks. You can use them for emergency roadside assistance. You can easily mark the path and location of vehicle by glow sticks instead of using battery powered charge lights.
  • Traffic control can be done by using 12″ and 16″ glow sticks. They can also be used at roads where much brighter output is essential.
  • Natural disasters including tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks may cause blackouts. Glow sticks can be used as light source at these situations. They are used in place of flash lights as they do not require battery power. Glow sticks are better for use at blackouts, instead of gas-lanterns due to their safety.
  • Offices and residence houses store glow sticks in the event of blackouts or gas leaks.
  • You can wear glow sticks when biking, jogging, or walking pets in twilight. This is safe for yourselves as it provides some visible light. Also roadside travelers in vehicles can watch you by the source of light.
  • Local police officials use glow sticks for increasing visibility and safety.
  • Glow sticks can be used at events in hallways and pathways of dark theaters.
  • Campers and divers can also use glow sticks for illumination.

Glow sticks are available in different colors. However, green color is the most brightest one among them. So it is better to use green colored emergency and safety glow sticks.

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