Prevalence of Usage of Marijuana

The prevalence of use of marijuana is more among the whites when compared to blacks. Also, the drug abuse is more prevalent among people from 18-25 years of age and is declining in people after the age of 34. Many of the adolescent people are involved in marijuana abuse due to peer pressure. Experiments conducted on 456 students in the U.S to know about the reasons of usage, continuation and quitting of marijuana consumption revealed that the initiation of the drug consumption was due to social influences. However, it is known that the reason for quitting marijuana is due to influence of health and well-being of the individuals on their family and work relationships. It was revealed that people who use drugs by social influences stop the drug consumption than those who consume for their psychological reasons. The age distribution of normal marijuana users is different from that of the medical marijuana users. The usage of medical marijuana is more in people aged above 35. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme