What is the Purpose of Dock Lights

Dock lights are the high intensity lights which are used on the docks. These dock lights are generally placed on the docks to provide sufficient light to facilitate the works on the docks. Dock lights may be of flood lights, solar powered lights, LED lights, transom lights or even fiber optics enabled lights. Dock lights should have features such as salt-proof, weather-proof and water resistant. The purpose of dock lights are as follows:

  • Dock lights help in loading and unloading of the ferries during night times.
  • High intensity flood lights help the fishers to be aware of the surrounding while night fishing.
  • They help in preventing accidents on the water.
  • Dock lights are also used while conducting parties and gatherings on the dock.
  • They help the travelers while boarding a ship.
  • Dock light is a flashy light generally in green, which can act as a fishing light, to attract fishes near the edges of the docks. It is found that green fishing light is capable of attracting maximum fishes. Dock light can also be used as a submersible light to attract huge number of fishes.

Because of the above uses, dock lights must be installed on the docks.

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