Find the Effects of Drug Abuse on Society

Drug abuse is a serious concern these days in the United States. Everyone knows that there are several physical and mental health effects on the user. Effects of drug addiction are seen not only in the user but also in surrounding people as well as society.

Drug addicted parents at home do not take care of their children. Drug abuse affects all the issues that are to be resolved in home. Children also feel insecure and get disturbed. Emotional disturbances and suicidal thoughts may arise in other members of the family also. Drug addicted people spend much of their money on drugs. Also, they cannot perform well at workplaces. This results in decline of the financial position in the family. Sudden injuries and death of drug addicted people are the negative consequences of addiction which is an unpaid loss for the family members.

People habituated to drug abuse often have behavioral changes. Sudden mood changes are prevalent among substance drug users. They become violent and aggressive for no apparent reason. There are chances that they get involved in crime related activities. Friends, neighbors, and other people in the society fear facing such individuals. Thus, drug addiction has a direct effect on the society.

Large number of accidents occur at workplace, roads and other places due to drug addicted people. This may cause huge losses for both addicted people as well as the employers and other organizations. Treatment for drug addiction includes high costs, as it is a very critical process. Also government has to invest huge amounts of money for educating people about the dangerous effects of drug abuse. Thus, economy also gets affected due to drug abuse. Therefore, substance drug abuse has a massive impact on society. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme