Know about a Gable-End Conservatory

Those who wish to add extra living space in your home garden can construct a conservatory. A conservatory is a glass or a hardwood structure where plants are cultivated. It can be used as a kitchen, office, playhouse, library, gym and so on. You can build a conservatory of different shapes including lean-to, P shape, T shape, gable ended and many others. Let us now know about the gable ended conservatories.

A Gable-end conservatory is similar to an Edwardian style of conservatory and is rectangular or square shaped. The front side of the roof of a gable-end conservatory is not sloped back to the center. It is left upright just like the end of a house. Because of this, the conservatory is given the name ‘gable-end’.

As it is rectangular in shape, maximum space is available. You can plan various styles of interior designing. The pitch of the roof of the conservatory is much higher than those of any other styles of conservatories. It gives a great look to your conservatory. You can use special glazed glass which helps in maintenance of heat inside the room. A gable-end conservatory can add a real grandeur to your home. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme